January 11th HousED Network Meeting Agenda

Meeting Objectives:

  • Review the new HousED Network framework
  • Build our team, cultivating trust, and provide opportunities  for strengthen base communication
  • Draft an action plan to support the implementation of the HousED mission


9:30-10:00 am    BREAKFAST        

 I.                    Welcome & Check In:

a. Review objectives, outcomes, and agenda

b. Team Builder Activity: Why I Matter and Why This Work Matters

II.                  Review HousED Network Model:

a. HousED Network Key Strategies

Clarifying Purpose

Convening the Right People

Cultivate Trust

Coordinate Existing Actions

11:30-11:40 am    BREAK

III.                Strategic Planning for 2018-2020 [Part A]

a. Brainstorm Areas of Strengthen and Areas of Growth in Program Quality, Partnership, Staffing, and Advocacy


12:30-1:10 pm LUNCH   


IV.                Strategic Planning for 2018-2020 [Part B]

a. Identifying System Impact Change Goals in Program Quality, Partnership, Staffing, and Advocacy

b. Begin Drafting an Action Planning for June 2020

 3:10-3:15 am        BREAK

 V.                  Strategic Planning for 2018-2020 [Part C]

a. Present: What, When, Why, and Drafted Commitments  for 2018 - 2020


VI.                Next steps, Debrief & Reflection

a. Action steps from now until March 22nd

b. Next meeting overview  

HousED Network Meeting #2 - March 22, 2018 - Santa Clara

c. Complete meeting survey

d. Team Builder Activity: We Matter

 4:00 pm                ADJOURN