Community Schools

Community Schools

PCY is supporting the development of a statewide Community Schools Network. Join the California Community Schools Network to connect with other practitioners and decision-makers working to support California’s students through a community schools approach.

What is a community school?

A community school addresses the needs of the whole child by ensuring that students and their families are connected to essential supports. Through intentional collaboration between school districts, local government, and community partners, the community aligns and maximizes its resources behind student success.

Student success requires:
•  Recognizing that the needs of the whole child must be met
•  Partnering with families
•  Commitment of the broader community

A community school is not a program. It’s about changing the way we work; a comprehensive approach to supporting student success by coordinating work across these areas:
•  Student-Centered Learning
•  Family Engagement
•  Wellness
•  Readiness & Transitions
•  Expanded Learning

A community school strives to be a full-spectrum resource for families and children, reflecting the needs of the community and becoming a center of community life.