In 1997, a group of concerned government, philanthropy, and business leaders decided to do something about the persistent poverty and barriers to success faced by children and youth in Bay Area communities. Their extensive analysis found that low income communities were vastly underutilizing public funding streams for critical support programs for children and youth. The Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) was created to connect schools and their community partners in these underserved communities with available public and private resources, and to improve the effectiveness of funding streams and services for low income children.

For over 15 years, Partnership for Children & Youth has inspired and helped people, organizations, and systems leverage their existing resources and work together to educate and support children in under-resourced communities. Grounded in research and experience, we train program providers, facilitate relationships between school districts and community-based organizations, and advocate for effective public policies. We are dedicated to a future where all children reach their full potential through equitable access to learning opportunities and supportive, effective schools.

The ultimate beneficiaries of our work are children and families in California’s lowest-income communities. Our primary clients are those institutions that provide critical support services to disadvantaged children-including schools and school districts, community-based organizations, and state and local government agencies.

Celebrating PCY's 10th Anniversary