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The Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) works in close collaboration with a range of partners and stakeholders to ensure the conditions are in place for all children to thrive in school and beyond. PCY focuses on ensuring children have access to high quality expanded learning opportunities and attend schools that take a holistic approach to addressing their needs. Our work at PCY is grounded in the belief that high quality expanded learning opportunities and community schools can be transformative for children. We believe deeply that schools can’t and shouldn’t do the work of educating children by themselves – the skills, relationships, and contextual understanding that community based partners bring to a student’s learning experience, is critical.

This belief is evident across the full range of our work, whether we are helping districts build capacity for high-quality summer learning programs, addressing the unique challenges faced by after school programs in affordable housing communities, working to help expanded learning programs and schools form better partnerships to promote social-emotional learning, or providing guidance and support for partnerships to ensure student and family health, well-being, and engagement. Our 15-year commitment to advancing policy focused on the two pillars of access and quality stems from this belief as well.