Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in Public and Affordable Housing


The Partnership for Children & Youth's HousED network adapted the California Department of Education’s Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs to reflect the unique needs and realities of expanded learning programs in public and affordable housing communities. These
new standards leverage the unique opportunities providers have to build greater equity in educational (and broader life) outcomes for youth in housing. This was a group undertaking involving more than 50 educators, housing representatives, and stakeholders from across the country. Participants included every level of youth work, from direct service providers to senior executives to academic researchers and policy leaders. This diverse group added a unique housing-focused lens to the work of the nearly 500 people who reviewed the initial standards produced by the California Department of Education.

These standards are a groundbreaking step forward. We are already seeing the impact these ideas are having on expanded learning programs in housing, and we look forward to hearing how you will use them. Every program is different, and we believe that these standards will serve as a guide that staff at each program will adapt to meet their unique needs.

We hope you will join us, and make these standards your own. Together, we will change the lives of youth in expanded learning programs across the country. Together, we will build pathways out of poverty.


PCY is excited to partner with several organizations who have endorsed the quality standards, and will continue to share them at a national level.

The California Department of Education

The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities

The David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

The Housing Development Consortium

The National After School Association