Housing and education


Through the Housing and Education (HousED) initiative, Partnership for Children & Youth increases the accessibility and quality of educational supports in public and affordable housing communities, creating pathways out of poverty.

What we do

We ensure that children and youth who live in public and affordable housing have equitable access to sustainable, high-quality learning opportunities by cultivating systems of continuous learning, fostering collaboration, and building leadership. We serve a diverse group of housing agencies, educators, community members, and government agencies to meet the unique needs and challenges of providing services to youth in public and affordable housing communities.

Our approach

  1. Cultivate systems of continuous learning: PCY guides staff from public and affordable housing agencies through a continuous quality improvement process that has three phases: Assess, Plan, and Improve. This data-based process is standardized enough to be consistent and reliable, but also flexible enough to conform to diverse local and organizational needs.

  2. Foster collaboration: PCY encourages cross-sector collaboration by fostering strategic partnerships to leverage expertise, reduce competition, and share resources. We build coalitions around policy issues, networks of like-minded educators and leaders, and local learning communities to share practices and provide peer support.

  3. Build leadership: PCY builds the capacity of current and future leaders in public and affordable housing by intentionally modeling, partnering, and coaching them around strategies and practices. With this approach, clients gain the skills, experience, and confidence to sustain these strategies and practices over time. PCY also creates opportunities for leaders to showcase their work and impact effective programming and policy across the state.

  4. Results. With consistent training, coupled with high-quality coaching and resources, staff in housing environments can provide enrichment programming that positively impacts healthy development, school engagement, and academic outcomes for their youth.

PCY’s HousED initiative brings together people who work with youth in public and affordable housing communities to network, learn from each other, and get inspired. See what our participants think about HousED in this video:


Why Public and Affordable Housing?

We know that afterschool programs make a difference: children have better school attendance, stronger social-emotional skills, and graduate at higher rates. However, children living in public or affordable housing developments are often the most vulnerable and can fall through the cracks.

Bringing afterschool programs directly to housing developments removes barriers to participation.

Lion’s Pride After School, a HousED member, is a safe haven for children and teens at the Lion Creek Crossing housing development in Oakland (part of the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC)).

Afterschool instructors are there five days a week during the school year and summer. They engage students in activities that keep them learning, teach healthy conflict resolution, and build trust to help students cope with underlying barriers to academic success, like neighborhood violence, hunger, or problems at home. They have a walking school bus, where staff provide safety by walking with children home from two elementary schools. Lion’s Pride staff also works with Oakland Unified School District, using students’ attendance data to support the district’s work and turn around chronic absenteeism.

Watch this video to learn more about this work, and to see how having expanded learning in housing communities has made a huge difference for one young man in MidPen Housing’s afterschool program:



  • HousED network members say participating in HousED has helped them offer quality educational support to youth in their developments.

  • Over 500 staff members from more than 20 housing agencies have been trained through HousED.

  • These staff members currently serve over 47,000 children and youth.


Tools & Resources

HousED Training & Technical Assistance

Learn more about PCY’s approach to training and technical assistance for our HousED initiative.

Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in Public and Affordable Housing

These standards offer best practices that speak to the unique needs of providing youth services in public and affordable housing communities.

HousED Evaluation Summary

A 3-year evaluation of the HousED program and its participants.